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A word by the Chairman

Al Thamer Holding has evolved from its humble beginnings to emerge into a conglomerate with vision, strength and purpose. The driving force behind our emergence into a vibrant force is our emphasis on the three pillars of success; innovation, initiative & commitment to achieve complete customer satisfaction. In today's increasingly fragmented marketplace, successful organisations have to play a proactive role rather than a reactive one; they have to foresee and anticipate changes in trends and deliver products and services even before the market realises the need for them. And cutting-edge organisations have to embrace technology to move ahead with the times.

We at Al Thamer Holding believe that the future belongs to those who are courageous, fast and relentless in their pursuit of success. Joining hands with businesses that facilitate and complement our corporate vision and strengths we are poised to create a future of fulfilled promises and realised potential.

Thamer Saeed Salman

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